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Welcome to Paradise, Mauritius Island

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The Best Way To Get to Mauritius From The United States
We are all about helping others learn from our mistakes, so here’s one of them: if you are headed from the United States to Mauritius, go through Dubai instead of Paris.

The Dubai route eliminates a few key inconveniences. The Dubai airport is one of the most comfortable places to spend a long layover, and after your first flight, you will want some time to relax. I recommend giving yourself at least a six-hour layover.

This will let you stretch your legs, get a room at an airport hotel, sleep a few hours, and take a shower. Trust me, two twelve-hour flights in a row may not seem that bad on paper, but it’s not something either of us wants to experience again anytime soon.

Mahebourg Mauritius Sunset
If you go through Paris, there is a chance you will have a stop on Reunion Island. That might not sound too bad in theory, until you realize last minute (ahem… like we did) that you only have three hours to clear customs at Paris Charles De Gaulle, grab your luggage, and maneuver your way to catch a bus (that will most likely be late) to Orly airport, which is over an hour away.

The Paris route is fine, as long as your second flight goes directly to Mauritius on a flight that leaves from Charles De Gaulle, but the Dubai route is better.

Once you arrive, you can either rent a car or let someone else do the driving for you. We knew we would be too tired to drive on our arrival, so we booked car transfers instead. Your hotel will likely offer this service, or you can book through Maki Car Rental who offers tours and transfers, as well as car rentals.

The Best Time To Visit Mauritius
My only complaint about Mauritius is the unpredictable weather in the winter. I personally love hot, hot, hot weather when I’m visiting an island because I want to be in the ocean at all times. If you prefer balmy weather and lukewarm ocean water, like we do, I suggest visiting in their summer (November to May).

The wind is also calmer during the summer, which will provide those glassy ocean conditions which are perfect for surfing, SUP and kayaking. However, if you like mild temperatures or any water sport that requires wind, such as kitesurfing, then winter is the time to visit.

Mauritius Travel Tips - When to Go & Where to Stay!

Why We Loved Mauritius
Besides the welcoming locals, the laid-back island vibe, and the stunning views, our trip to Mauritius came with a few firsts. It marked the first time Scott and I have been to Africa and yet there wasn’t a need for malaria pills or special immunizations.

Scott tried water skiing for the first time and, thanks to his instructor at the Four Seasons Resort, he did an excellent job. It was also his first time sailing. I guess you can throw in the first time he capsized a boat too. (I’m glad I didn’t join him on that boat ride.)

We’ve been to dozens of tropical islands, many of which don’t require thirty hours to reach by plane, so what makes Mauritius so special? That’s a great question and it’s something I can’t answer in just one blog post, so you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!


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