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Libya Vacation Travel Guide

Travel video about destination Libya.

Libya is one of the most interesting desert countries and it is gradually opening its doors to the outside world. It is a veritable treasure trove of history. Ancient art and culture of various epochs as well as the fascinating exotic flair of the Orient make Libya a wonderful and fascinating holiday destination.

The capital, Tripoli, awakes early in the morning as fishermen return from their nocturnal work at sea along with their catch which is fresh and tasty and ready for market. In antiquity Tripoli was called Oea and was one of the three cities of Tripolitania. Seventy kilometres west of Tripoli and also located on the Mediterranean coast are the remains of the ancient trading town of Sabratha.

Its Theatre has been rebuilt and is an impressive structure that dates back to the second century A.D. It was originally built by the Romans who came here after the Phoenicians and gave the city a completely new appearance. It could accommodate up to five thousand onlookers. Just like the country’s former explorers we venture further and further into the desert and spend the night in Kirkiba Camp in circular straw huts at the foot of huge sand dunes.

Next day we visit Garma, now in ruins, but whioch around two thousand years ago was the capital of the Garamantes Realm. From the Sahara we travel to the country’s eastern Mediterranean coast and to ancient Cyrenaika, the largest city in today’s Benghazi. Of the historic city of the Pentapolis, the Greek five-city alliance, nothing remains today as it is now covered by modern city buildings.

Magnificent history, untouched coastlines and endless desert landscapes with oasis settlements, salt lakes, rock paintings and Berber towns: Libya, a little known land in amazing North Africa.

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