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South Sudan Travel Guide: Visit the River Nile & Explore Boma National Park

Audio by Max & Sophie, who have travelled to South Sudan and published a travel guide about South Sudan's River Nile and Boma National Park, the best national park in Africa, with over one million Antelopes, countless number of gazelles, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, lions, birds galore, any many more wildlife.

Do not travel to South Sudan, including Juba, because of instability, ongoing conflict and a deterioration of law and order. If you are in South Sudan, leave if safe to do so.

Armed conflict, including attacks on civilian populations, is ongoing – or at risk of breaking out with little warning – across the country.

Local authorities can apply curfews, roadblocks and other security measures, often without notice.

Further civil unrest and military activity in the South Sudan – Sudan border area is likely. There have been direct military confrontations between South Sudan and Sudan in border regions since early 2012.

The border between South Sudan and Ethiopia is unstable. Intercommunal violence is common. In April 2016, armed South Sudanese abducted several children from Ethiopian territory.

Landmines are a threat in many rural areas.

The security environment means the Australian Government can provide only extremely limited consular assistance to Australians in South Sudan. Where possible, consular services are provided by the Australian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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