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How should I plan a vacation trip to Ghana?

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By following the following advice, you would be a step away from achieving your dreams when you visit Ghana.

Here you have them. Be creative with them and you would get something that would help you plan your vacation.

1. I want to start by saying that you shouldn’t be scared about traveling to Ghana since it’s a very peaceful country. However, your own personal security is in your own hands no matter where you are in the world and I think the tips here would help you keep safe when you arrive in Ghana.

2. You shouldn’t also worry about your travel costs. You can still go even if you don’t have the money. How? By making lifestyle changes and saving your nickels and pennies till you ready for the trip. You don’t need to rush at all as the country receives visitors all year round.

3. Decide when to go to Ghana. Don’t worry about which time of the year because the weather is tolerable at all times (even in the rainy season).

4. Read a few websites to help you plan your trip to Ghana. Let me caution you here on this particular idea because there is a tendency to look at almost every website and I think that’s overwhelming and time-consuming.

Here are a few great ones to consult helps most travelers plan their trip with ease, Ghana Tourism Authority has helpful information about Ghana

5. Decide the length of your stay. Be flexible with this. Most people decide to say stay for only 7 days only to realize that they want to stay on and so you should create space for extensions if you so desire.

6. Know how much to spend. As a tourist, this shouldn’t be a big deal as your country’s currency is always on the high side against the Ghanaian currency almost all the time. What this means is that you always get more things with less dollars or whatever currency you might be using.

7. Know where to eat out and where to fun in Ghana. There are plenty of them that cater to expats and you need to search online.

8. Know what to send to that country and what not to take there. I am not talking about what is forbidden at the customs but what I mean is that you should take the appropriate gear for the journey you intend embarking on and that depends on the things you want to do and where you want to go when you arrive in Ghana. However, you should pack clothes which soak sweat as the sun is up almost every day.

9. You should find some things to see on your trip and you should see this blog for tips and ideas on what to do when you are eventually on vacation to Ghana.

There are many must-see places you must visit here when you go to Ghana and you should try to visit them even if you are going to stay for a very short time. I just think there is no essence of visiting a country and not seeing what that country has to offer.

10. Know when and how to book your accommodation. I am a Ghanaian and would like to say this. You are not going to see the same facilities some hotels and other accommodations show you online. Some are honest though. So, I think what you might want to do is to just book for a hotel for at least two nights and if you come and you are okay with the facilities, you can then pay for more nights. This is just my view please!

If not, you can look around. If you are going to heed my advice, then you should put this at the back of your mind: you shouldn’t do what I have suggested in the busy areas of Accra since the hotel rooms are almost full all the time. You won’t have problems with accommodation in less busy areas if you stick to my advice.

11. Be optimistic about your trip.

There is nothing contagious than an optimistic mind that’s willing to explore and I think most people visiting Ghana are not that optimistic and I don’t blame them because some people have portrayed our country in a negative way.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of fun things to do out here and a lot of great places to see if you are upbeat about your trip.

12. Know what to drink and what to eat if you want to stay and feel fit as you trek. I don’t want you to get sick when you are on your trip so you shouldn’t take what goes into your body for granted.

PLEASE NOTE: I must sound a note of caution here. You see, we travelers fall into this trap of having to look at almost everything we think might help us to get the best experience possible. But, who can blame us as we live in uncertain times in an uncertain world.

Again, it’s very painful to return to your home country not with fond memories but with regret and anger that you didn’t have a great time as you thought you would have.

Please do well to consult sites and books and other publications that aren’t obsolete since things change here and there.

Nevertheless, this superb article can help you plan your trip with ease and make every day of your stay in Ghana count even this is your first time to that country or you’re familiar with the terrain.

I hope this helps and if you really want to have a great trip to Ghana, please visit this site to help you plan your entire vacation with ease so you can have the greatest trip ever. Thanks.


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