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12 Tips You Need To Know Before You Visit Africa

12 Tips You Need To Know Before You Visit Africa

It'll be the first run through a great many people have been to Africa, so I figured it is extraordinary to share a couple of tips and insights that I wish somebody had imparted to me before my first excursion to Africa.

I initially went by Africa when I was 22 years of age. I was bridging eight nations, and our outing arranging was essential, no doubt. Truth be told, to be straightforward – I don't realize WHAT I was considering. I went totally ill-equipped.

Travel of the Day's 12 Tips before you visit Africa

I didn't inquire about the atmosphere (since I simply accepted Africa = sweltering), so I assumed that late spring garments were all that I required. Also, don't misunderstand me, a significant number of the nations we went by were HOT, however in the long run we made a trip north to Namibia. We were exploring the great outdoors amidst the pastry, and it got cool. Like underneath zero chilly. Obviously, my shirts and shorts didn't pack a lot of a punch and to abstain from solidifying to death I needed to acquire a coat off a companion and utilize my towel as a cover. Decent.

Furthermore, this is only one of numerous missteps I made. To dodge you doing likewise, I've pulled together the best 12 things you have to know before you visit Africa, in view of my encounters. Ideally this will keep you from comparative life comes up short.

So here we go!

1. Medications YOU'LL NEED

Orchestrate to go see a movement specialist two or three months previously we go to ensure every one of your immunizations are cutting-edge. (Going a couple of months before is vital as a few immunizations require subsequent meet-ups and they must be completed a month after the principal infusion) – so give yourself time!

The most well-known inoculations prescribed will be things like cholera, hepatitis, typhoid and yellow fever. A yellow fever inoculation endorsement is expected to enter Sierra Leone and in addition reappear Australia – so this is an unquestionable requirement. Intestinal sickness is additionally normal. You'll have to get medicine from your specialist to avoid getting this mosquito conceived awful.

I as a rule take doxycycline (once every day tablet), yet there are various different choices. Additionally make sure to bring along safety measures against creepy crawly chomps including utilizing a bug repellent (ideally one with no less than 20% deet) and wear long, baggy, light shaded garments.

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Except if you have truly lined your stomach in some sort of iron plating you ought to get ready for no less than one stomach irritate – it finishes the full African experience. I continually bring diuretics, gastrolyte and plugs (immodium).Unlike this multi year old Polish person I met named Bart who rather drank a jar of coke each day to 'kill every one of the microscopic organisms' in his stomach. Bart didn't admission extremely well.

Anywho, having all parts of your stomach secured is an absolute necessity. You can likewise approach your movement specialist for a general anti-toxin for on the off chance that you stall out with an awful stomach bug.

Moreover, get a hand sanitiser and make it your closest companion.

2. Protection IS A MUST

This is especially essential as therapeutic offices are extremely restricted in Sierra Leone. Specialists and doctor's facilities regularly ask for quick money installment for restorative treatment. In case of a genuine sickness or mishap, restorative departure to a goal with the proper offices is vital! The last time I was in Africa I wound up in a healing center in Tanzania.

I required a heap of money to pay for a taxi, another tire for the taxi (turns out tires that are stapled together won't get you far), a reward to get on a ship, in addition to confirmation charges and drug costs. Protection will guarantee that you will recover all your cash when you return home.

Travel protection will likewise demonstrate helpful in the impossible occasion that your sacks disappear and you have to get some crisis athletes or whatever. On the off chance that any of these far-fetched occasions happen, ensure you keep all receipts for when you guarantee back home. Getting protection doesn't imply that something terrible will happen, life is eccentric and it's best to be readied!

3. Enlist

In the event that concerned you can simply enroll your movements on the Government's brilliant explorer site This takes into account the legislature to have the capacity to get in touch with you if necessary. By and by I've never done this, I for the most part leave a duplicate of my schedule with loved ones previously I go and reach them when I arrive, however this is a choice as well!

4. Bring CASH

Ensure you have a VISA card or a moneycard. Visit to your bank about your choices, yet examine the offers and ensure you comprehend what costs are related with exchanges and withdrawal charges. I generally get one from the Commonwealth bank as they have great arrangements and I've utilized it in various distinctive nations. On the off chance that you get a movement card ensure you request to stack up your card with US dollars.
Usually hard to get stores from an ATM in Sierra Leone. So I'd suggest getting bunches of US dollars money. You can't change Australian dollars there, so either have US dollars or a VISA card. More often than not local people will exchange with US dollars over their own particular cash so it is extremely helpful to have.

Additionally let your bank realize that you are wanting to movement to Africa. This was something I didn't do the first run through and when I endeavored to get cash out in a township close to the Masai Mara, my bank cut me off. I exchanged my explode bed for knickknacks. Genuine story.


Sierra Leone is cracking hot (even in winter!). In any case, it's essential to remember that Sierra Leone is a greater part Muslim nation and they are very traditionalist, so simply utilize good judgment when pressing, young ladies: no miniskirts, shorts (otherwise known as denim clothing) or uncovering tops else you may get some undesirable consideration.

I am bringing angler pants, rover jeans and singlet tops and shirts. Ensure you have a few alternatives to keep your shoulders secured, as even singlets can be somewhat disputable.

It's best to remove all your adornments while we are there, or on the other hand don't bring any. Not exclusively will the children need to snatch everything and play with it, yet you may again pull in undesirable consideration if wearing or bearing anything garish.


It's very worth bringing a telephone. It is likewise advantageous going and addressing your system supplier and ensuring you kill information meandering and so forth. That way you can utilize wifi and have the capacity to contact other gathering individuals if necessary. You would prefer not to be hit with a gigantic bill when you get back so ensure you get all the correct things turned off before we go.

7. Photocopy all your DOCUMENTS.

Make duplicates of your visa, protection and plane tickets. Leave duplicates at home, and in addition taking a few duplicates to put in your baggage and knapsacks. This takes out a ton of issue if your international ID/protection/plane tickets disappear.


The power focuses are the same as the UK ones so convey a connector to charge your telephones. You can purchase these from pack shops or travel stores. Try not to pressure on the off chance that you overlook however, you can purchase all inclusive chargers by the dozen in Sierra Leone.


The nourishment in Sierra Leone is very constrained (particularly amid hot season). It shouldn't be too awful in Freetown in light of the fact that there are a few grocery stores, yet the rustic zones have practically nothing. Be set up to stock up on some tinned sustenance at the grocery stores to take into the rustic regions.

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Remember that conventional Sierra Leone sustenance may not be to your enjoying, so please stay deferential and stock up on snacks! It is likewise helpful to bring along some Spirulina cases which are essentially vegetables in case shape. Like from what's to come. They give us bunches of supplements. Yippee!

10. Regard THE LAW

Punishments for medicate offenses are serious and incorporate required jail sentences. Reassess your need to dally with denied drugs (and maybe your life decisions when all is said in done) – it's simply not justified, despite any potential benefits. As in many spots you can't photo government structures, airplane terminals and connects and recollect regions may not generally be plainly checked or characterized. I went with a Japanese couple who attempted to take photographs at an outskirt crossing into Malawi. Therefore, we as a whole lost our cameras.

Try not to be that person.


You will be looked with individuals living in destitution and it can be extremely stunning. I had been presented to destitution in different nations previously, however each time it can be going up against and disquieting. One of the greatest stuns I encountered was the means by which upbeat and cherishing the kids were regardless of living in extraordinary destitution. It was a mixed reality. There isn't much you can do to plan for how you will respond, yet remember others will likely experience comparable sentiments.


Here and there when we see things that stun us, we need to settle them instantly. We believe that experiencing childhood in Australia or America, or any created nation, implies we know something that they don't. On the off chance that somebody is asking for cash, possibly you need to reveal to them they ought to get microfinance and begin a business. Try not to do that. Basically, we don't comprehend the way of life or the conditions enough to give out undesirable guidance. What works in Australia may not work over yonder – so don't accept you know better. It's about R E S P E C T.

Remembering every one of these things will help set you up for an astonishing excursion. What's more, it will flabbergast. Guarantee.

* PS. On the off chance that you are going by other African nations other than Sierra Leone, at that point ensure you do some extra research. For instance, in Nairobi in Kenya I had no issues getting money out at the ATM – each nation is VERY extraordinary. So look into is your companion!

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I am wrapping up my 2 month trip to 15 countries in Africa - from Swaziland to Somaliland and (literally) every country in between. It has been an incredible and life changing trip, and I am already planning my next one!

In this video, I give you my absolute best tips, tricks & advice if you are planning a trip to Africa.

Please comment with any additional questions you may have, and I'll get back to you!

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