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Gambia, Little Slice of West Africa a Worthy Destination

The Gambia, what an amazing country...
We went on a nine day trip, and met so many great new people along the way!

My special thanks go out to our Tour guide, Pa Lamin Drammeh, for showing us so many beautiful places in the smiling coast of Africa.
Thank you Samba, and family for the hospitality and delicious dinner we had! Thank you Kebba for driving us everywhere and waiting for us all day when we went to Paradise Beach. And thank you; Mark, Saskia, Mark and Johann, for being the best travel friends a person could wish for!

Footage Shot : IPhone 7 Plus
Edited with : Adobe Premiere CS6
Music : Janji - Heroes Tonight.


The Gambia is already known for its vacation-worthy coastline, but it offers more than just beaches to lounge on. Its colorful culture, verdant inland forests, and variety of wildlife make this little slice of West Africa a worthy destination.

When is the best time to visit?
There are two main seasons in the Gambia, and both come with their own unique benefits for travelers. The Dry Season runs from November until May, and offers predictably sunny skies with little chance of rain or humidity. The Green Season, which lasts from June through October, is named for its beautifully lush landscape, and there are also fewer crowds during this time.

How many days do I need?
The Gambia may be small, but you could easily spend weeks exploring its coast, national parks, and namesake river. Beachgoers can get their fill in 5 to 7 days, while those who want to travel inland should spend more time. Read more.

Things to Do in the Gambia
Whether you simply want to hang out on golden beaches or immerse yourself in the local culture, there is something for everyone in the Gambia. Cruise or paddle the Gambia River and have breakfast in neighboring Senegal, or visit one of the many spectacular national parks and reserves to look for wildlife. Head to Banjul to see an authentic market, Kunta Kinteh island for a history lesson, or the Makasutu Nature Forest for world-class bird watching.


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