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Benin, Home of Africa’s Venice?

This week the AfricaAsOne team visits the West African country of Benin. We did not expect it, but surprise after surprise was waiting for us. We learn about the history of Benin and how both slavery and Voodoo have played their part in shaping this nation. Along with a trip to the Venice of Africa, we had plenty to keep us busy as we explored this exciting country.

Creative Agency - 7 Different Kinds of Smoke
Logistics and Activations - Treble Group
Production and Filming - Hammersmith and Elephant
Facebook, Twitter & Influencer marketing - Have You Heard
Transport - Land Rover South Africa
Telecom - AWE Telemetry
Mobile Telecom - Fluxcon
Vehicle Modifications - Front Runner
Medical Eye test - Mercy Ships
Navigation - Tracks4Africa
Activations - Tag Rugby

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